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Ready to try some new things and add some serious spice into your sex life this holiday season?!


Life is busy and it can be hard to remember to carve out the time and energy for trying new things in the bedroom. Especially during the chaos of the Christmas and holiday season.


So I’ve made it easy for you - 12 days of new erotic ideas! This is the advent calendar your sex life needs!


This sexual exploration advent calendar is perfect for you if:

  • You’re in a relationship
  • You are craving trying new things, deepening your chemistry and bringing new erotic fantasies to life this holiday season


Want something a little more romantic or something to explore solo? Check out my other worksheets:


-12 Days of Partner Connection (Intimacy, affection and partner connection practices)

-12 Days of Self Connection (Solo Pleasure & Self Care)

12 Days of Sexual Connection

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