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Sex Counselling and Sex Therapy Sydney

Fill your life with pleasure.

Everyone deserves a life filled with self-confidence, intimacy & pleasure. But knowing how to get it holds many people back from sexual happiness. I offer free 15 minute consultations for anyone curious, helping you feel comfortable before committing to a sex counselling session.

Sex Counselling

I offer 1:1 online (Zoom) and in-person (Sydney) sex coaching and sex counselling sessions for individuals and couples, helping people achieve happier, healthier and more fulfilled sex lives - whatever that means for them. Sex, sexuality and relationships are broad and complex. That's why I tailor every session to your specific goals and desires.


I combine mindfulness, coaching, education and counselling techniques to help people get out of their heads, and into their bodies. No matter what you are curious about, I will hold a safe space free of judgment, giving you practical exercises, tools and vocabulary to help you achieve your goals.  Below are a number of areas that my work covers. 


I strongly recommend booking in a package of 4 sessions. This comes at a discounted rate, and allows an ongoing lesson plan designed to your personal goals. 

If you are not sure whether sex coaching is right for you, I offer a free 15 minute consultation call.



  • Sexual and Body Confidence

  • Toys and Erotic Tools

  • Sexual Communication and Consent

  • Breath, Movement, and Touch

  • Desire, Arousal and Orgasmisity

  • Body Anatomy and Education

  • Fantasy Exploration 

  • Mindfulness and Embodiment

  • Introduction to Tantra

  • Masturbation Techniques 

  • Sexual Exploration and Sexuality

Sexual Concerns:​

  • Painful Sex

  • Premature Ejaculation

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Difficulties with orgasm 

  • Body confidence 

  • Performance anxiety


  • Desire, Arousal, Attraction and Orgasmisity

  • Sexual Communication and Consent

  • Mismatched libido 

  • Intimacy and Connection

  • Voicing Desires and Fantasies 

  • Techniques and strokes

  • Relationship dynamics and ethical non-monogamy

  • BDSM and Power Play

  • Sexual Exploration and Sexuality

  • Anal Sex

  • Fantasy Exploration 

  • What are your services?
    - 1:1 sex coaching and sex counselling with individuals - Bespoke Sex & Intimacy couples programs and sex counselling for couples - Regular online and in-person sex education workshops, talks and events - Private parties and hens parties - Collaborations and media opportunities - get in touch
  • What is a Somatic Sexologist?
    A Sexologist is somebody who has studied the science of sex; learning the anatomy, physiology, psychology, and cultural influences around sex, arousal, desire and pleasure. Somatics is any practice that develops and strengthens the mind-body connection. Somatic practices teach you how to mindfully scan and listen to your body. Somatic Sexology takes somatic practices and adapts them to teach people how to have better sex. As a Somatic Sexologist, I help people get out of their head, and into their bodies. A full list of my qualifications can be seen on my homepage.
  • Who do you work with?
    I offer an inclusive and judgment-free educational space for people of all genders, sexuality and identity. My work is LBGTQIA+ inclusive, and welcome people of all relationship structures, stages, and expressions. My coaching and counselling sessions are always personalised to the unique person or people I am working with. My events are always tailored for a specific audience. The content and tone that would be suitable for a corporate consent seminar would be very different from an intimate hens party for example. No matter what you're looking for, get in touch and we can curate the perfect experience.
  • Why do we need more sex education?
    Sexual wellness (including pleasure) is a human right, as defined by the World Health Organisation. When we have a healthy, happy sex life, it has been proven that our mental heath and physical health improves, along with our relationships. In addition, a consent aware, shame-free society that receives comprehensive sex education is also less likely to suffer from high rates of sexual violence, assault and abuse. It's time we saw sex and pleasure as a natural, normal, and healthy part of life. The sex education we received at school is not enough. Many adults know next to nothing about basic sex-ed, including pleasure anatomy, sexual communication, how to express consent, understanding arousal, orgasm and desire, navigating libido changes, and how to listen to their own bodies. This impacts our relationships and people don't know where to go for help. In addition, we still live in a conservative society where sexual shame is pervasive, and where many of us are still too embarrassed, fearful, or ashamed to talk about sex. In order to have a great sex life, we need to learn how to listen to our bodies, discover what we like, how to ask for it, and how to confidently give and receive pleasure. Sex coaching, sex counselling, sex therapy, couples counselling, relationship counselling, and sex-education workshops give people a safe, expert-led, and judgement-free space to explore and learn everything they need to achieve better sexual wellness.
  • What is sex coaching and sex counselling?
    No matter what you're curious about, sex coaching / sex counselling gives you an expert-led, judgement-free environment to learn and discover more about sex, relationships and pleasure. I combine mindfulness, coaching, education and counselling techniques to help you get out of your head, and into your body. It will give you practical exercises, tools and vocabulary to help you achieve your goals- what ever that means for you. My sessions are 100% client-led, meaning I tailor every session to the specific goals and desires of the individual or couple.
  • Are you open to media opportunities?
    Absolutely. For all media enquiries including talks, interviews and feature articles, please get in touch.
  • I already have great sex - what else could you teach me?
    Fantastic! It's great to hear you have a fulfilled sex life. The great news is, when it comes to sex and pleasure, there is always more to discover. And the more curious and open minded you are, the more opportunities for pleasure you will find. Whether that's learning how to explore a particular erotic fantasy, giving yourself stronger (or multiple) orgasms, learning more about your pleasure anatomy, or wanting to know where to find the best sex toys on the market, talking to an expert in a judgement-free environment might lead to more discoveries than you expected.

Example Intro Programme
for Individuals 

Session 1

Chat about history and goals

Communication and consent exercises

Session 2

Desire, Arousal and Orgasmisity

Sexual and body confidence


Session 3

Pleasure Anatomy

Erogenous zones

Types of Touch 

Session 4

Fantasies and Exploration 

Toys and erotic tools

Supporting with a specific desire -

eg Difficulty orgasming, body confidence,

premature ejaculation etc.


Please note this is simply an example - I tailor all my lesson plans and programs to the bespoke needs and goals of each individual, couple or group.

Introuctory programes
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